Summer Maintenance Tips

summer maintenance tips

Winter may seem harsh on a vehicle, but summer takes its toll on our cars as well. Make sure your vehicle from Gary Wood stays in great condition throughout the season by following these summer maintenance tips.


Summer is the season of road trips. Before your hit the pavement, prepare your car’s tires for all of the miles you’ll be putting on it. Make sure that their air pressure remains at the recommended PSI consistently for safe handling and the best possible gas mileage, and see that your tires remain free of cracks or debris stuck in the tread.

Coolant System

Your car gets hot in the sun, too. Check under your hood and make sure you have enough coolant fluid and that the hoses and your coolant reservoir look to be in good condition. Watch for cracks and leaks, and squeeze the hose to see that its firm rather than squishy.

Air Filter

There’s enough pollen and pollutants in the air as it is. Make sure you’re car is getting the cleanest air possible by changing your air filter at the beginning of the summer. This task is usually simple to do by yourself, but when in doubt you can always bring your vehicle into Gary Wood and let us handle your summer maintenance for you.